Chief Security-Health & Safety

Chief Security-Health & Safety

Our client is currently looking for a Chief Security in health and safety to join their team.To enforce Security and Health & Safety procedures and practices. This role includes also being responsible for both guests within the hotel and staff on duty. Preventive measures should also be taken in safeguarding the company property.


Security Area: 

  • Being responsible to all the Security Officers / Receiving Clerks by way of assigning duties, preparing weekly rosters and timesheets, allocating annual leave, substituting sick leave, ordering the required stationery for the department and seeing to any other Departmental requirement.
  • Ensure that all employees clock in and out using the palm reader and report on any misuse.
  • Ensure that the staff entrance is free from all obstacles.
  • Make sure that random body searches are done on employees and that all the employee’s bags are checked.
  • Ensure that all unauthorised entries of persons are barred through staff entrance.
  • Ensure key control to all stores and other secure risk areas and only allow entrance to these areas in accordance to established policy procedures.
  • Record the issue of every single key in the Key Control Sheet and ascertain that all keys are accounted for and signed in and out at the end of each Security Officer’s duty.
  • Accompany the Duty Manager to open the Main Stores outside working hours.
  • Ensure that all goods entering the hotel are checked and the proper documentation is done in accordance to the recognised procedures and the relative invoices are inputted in the software system.
  • Being responsible for the Lost and Found Room and ensure that the procedures regarding all items that are lost and found are always adhered to.
  • Make sure that all items going out of the hotel are registered in an Outgoing Record duly authorised as per procedure.
  • Keep a record of all outgoing items ensuring that all items that have left the hotel are duly returned.
  • Ensure that all items received by the hotel and not accompanied by an invoice/delivery note are registered in the Receiving Record Book.
  • Perform patrol duties of the premises and its precincts.
  • Follow up all reports of thefts and misdoings by hotel guests and employees;
  • Liaison with the local police whenever this is necessary.
  • Maintain and keep a daily check on Log Books for the security Day to Day Handover, Vehicles, Lost and Found Items and the Security (Manager’s) Store.
  • Attend to errands outside the hotel that is deemed necessary.
  • Maintain an effective Staff Locker System i.e.: recording each staff member allocated with a locker. Hold spot checks when needed and ensure that lockers are being kept clean and in a good state.
  • Ensure that all cameras (CCTV) in the hotel are functioning and in a good state at all times.
  • To assess security needs at all special functions organised by the Hotel, delegate the necessary staff to ensure security requirements and oversee the activities to ensure the safety of the guests and employees.


Health and Safety Area;

  • Being in charge of the hotel alarm systems and effect monthly checks on the alarm systems in collaboration with the Maintenance Manager.
  • Organising fire drills and staff training in the hotel evacuation, firefighting and first aid in collaboration with the Human Resources Manager.
  • Fire Aid boxes spot checks – to ensure that First Aid Boxes are duly equipped and that no items are out dated.
  • Organising the service of the hotel’s firefighting equipment in liaison with the local supplier.
  • To liaison with the local firefighting services in preventive checks on the hotel property.
  • To be fully conversant with the location of electricity, gas and mains systems in case of emergency.
  • Being in charge of the Hotel Evacuation Plan by updating it as necessary and organising informative meetings to staff.
  • Being responsible for the upkeep and updating of all hotel’s emergency signs.
  • TO liaison with Tour Operator representatives regarding their requirement’s on health and safety measures.
  • Actively involved and monitoring the HACCAP systems in the hotel together with the Legionnaires procedures in collaboration with the Operations Manager and House Manager.
  • The employee is also expected to perform any duties as per operations requirements as instructed by the Operations Manager or General Manager.