Recruitment Services

While Muovo is extremely adaptable to your organisation’s requirements, we follow a general process that is informed by our committed philosophy towards recruitment: that quality trumps quantity.

Our four-step methodology below  gives you an idea of how we work with our partners on a project and the timeline we normally apply to your recruitment request.  

A.  Initiate

When a new position opens up, we work to understand your organisation's needs in order to amplify the reach of your candidate search, the cost effectiveness of your recruitment strategy and augment your company's employee retention capabilities. Muovo allows you to set the parameters both for the search and for the candidate profile, and works with you to create the best role description possible.

At this stage, we also discuss relevant fees and negotiate depending on the project and your budget.  In general, our fees fall in two categories

(a) set placement fees, which are mostly applicable to sourcing-only assignments

(b) flexible percentage fees, based on the annual salary of the recruited candidate.  

We do not simply focus on what level of qualification and experience the ideal candidate should have, but also build a profile of your company culture that allows us to assess applicants from a best-match perspective as well.

B.  Search & Advertise

As a manager with limited time resources, you aren't looking for an added influx of low quality applications; rather, you need a partner to help you find and pick the best talent efficiently. Depending on the type of position available, we can bring together several of the following tools to provide you with a cost effective quality solution:  

(a) Active candidate database:  Over the years that Muovo has been in operation, we have built relationships with hundreds of professional job seekers who trust us with their personal information and career ambitions and cultivated a set of useful data that we can use to reach out to potential applicants and entice interest in your company.

(b)  Robust job search engine: We can work with you to write the ideal advert and information about the company and position that will be advertised on the Muovo job search engine. By using targeted keywords that yield high results from specific searches, we can prioritize your open vacancy, ensuring your company is more visible.

(c) Effective online marketing: Muovo’s inbuilt vacancy advertising encourages your targeted audience to share the information around their social networks, further amplifying your reach. We also deploy regular pay per click campaigns around the major search engines and social networks, hold top display spots through partners and platforms, as well as use headhunting techniques within the relevant online communities.

You are able to work with us to choose the right mix of tools that best fit your company’s situation and budget.

C.  Matching & Sourcing

Muovo’s specialist career consultants actively assess each application and meet the candidates with the highest relevancy to your company’s needs on your behalf.

Through internationally standardised tests, highly relevant interviewing procedures, and testing methodologies, we are able to source applications and provide you with a high quality shortlist of applicants within days. We will never present you untested, unqualified CV’s: every single application received through Muovo will have gone through our rigorous filtering and matching process.

We will also be available to answer any questions about our presented candidate profiles and will work around your timetable in order to set up an initial meeting with the applicant.

D. Negotiate and Close

At this stage, your company is meeting highly relevant applicants and only invested minimal time and effort. You are now in a position to build a pre-hire relationship with your applicants with zero cost to your organisation in order to make smarter final decisions. Muovo will represent your best interest with your chosen candidate and negotiate logistics on your behalf so that the hiring works in the best interest for both parties. We also offer a system of cash back guarantees as well as guaranteed negotiating efforts even after our proposed candidate has been hired.