Muovo Temping

Are you looking to engage a resource on a short term basis?  Do you have a project which cannot be handled by your permanent staff?  These are challenges that companies frequently need to manage. Finding quality staff at short notice who are willing to work on a short term basis is also difficult for many organisations. 
Muovo can provide you with a cost-effective solution and quality temporary or contract staff.  Our temps are a key asset to companies and organisations by providing:
  • Fixed period access to skills as and when required
  • Cover for maternity leave or absences
  • Additional cover for particularly busy periods of business
  • The opportunity to gauge a candidate's potential suitability for a permanent position
There are several benefits when you engage a Muovo temp:
  • You will be able to employ someone on a temporary basis till a set date instead of employing someone on a full time basis
  • We will save you time with regards to the lengthy recruitment process including search, interviews and identifying the right person with the right skills set willing to work on a temporary basis
  • We will take care of all administrative duties including ETC forms, payroll, and any other employment related tasks
Should you wish to discuss the possibility of collaborating with us and using this service, please do not hesitate to contact us for further information.