BridgeDGap Internships

Help your company achieve a competitive advantage and hire an intern! 

We have a database of willing students that you can engage and invest in to nurture them into your company. 

In Malta we do not yet have a system in place whereby it is compulsory for students to engage in internships with companies in the industries which are directly related to the area of study during tertiary education. It is even more unfortunate that most employers do not understand the importance and benefits gained through internship schemes

Some benefits include:

  • Test-drive the talent - When you "try out" candidates via an internship, you make fewer mistakes when it comes to fulltime staffing; you avoid the pitfall of training a new hire, only to find out they're not a fit for your organization
  • Increase productivity.  Additional manpower provides well-prepared short-term employees to assist current employees, so they have the opportunity to pursue higher projects
  • Take advantage of low-cost labor. Interns are an inexpensive resource, while their wage requirements are modest; they're among the most highly motivated members of the workforce.
  • Corporate social responsibility
  • Investing in the future workforce

Being a recruitment agency Muovo understand the recruitment needs of the Maltese market and has come up with the ‘BridgeDGap scheme’. We aim to give flexible paid internship opportunities in different industries to students undergoing tertiary education. 

Not only will employers benefit from engaging the best talent first but they will also have everything taken care of by our consultants – Muovo will orchestrate the whole process including screening, interviewing and timetable schedules & replacements. Moreover, Muovo will deal with all payroll and HR duties leaving the employer with the sole responsibility of training and monitoring the student/s in order to finally chose the best student/s for fulltime employment 

Any interested company will benefit from 5 simple steps:

  • One of Muovo’s consultants will attend a meeting to discuss and understand the exact needs of the company. Together we will determine what is required.
  • Muovo will put together a flexible programme which suits your individual needs and this will be presented to your organisation
  • Following your approval Muovo will initiate the interviewing process 
  • All those who pass the initial screening stage are presented to you to interview and approve
  • A timetable is put in place and the programme will begin

You may fill in the form below or contact us on, or 21443000 to set up a meeting to discuss this initiative further. 

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