Our History

Muovo was set up in July 2007 and started operating soon after that date.

In its initial year of operation, the Muovo team worked to fill a gap in the local recruitment market because of our local industry know-how and international expertise.  Muovo’s model was to focus exclusively on sourcing professional positions, initially in the technology sector but now also in the financial services sector, where all the founders had extensive experience as industry consultants, technology and web developers.  We gradually added specialist outsourcing to our core recruitment services, to meet the requests of both clients and professionals looking for project work, as opposed to traditional career paths.

This strategy has been totally about adding value and providing value to our clients. We constantly work with foreign specialists moving to Malta without much prior knowledge of living and working in the country.  We have a network of associates who work alongside our team to ensure that the candidate’s move to Malta is as seamless as possible. Our teams are set up to acquire a quick understanding of our clients’ business cultures and work ethics to ensure that we can provide the right shortlist of candidates in the shortest possible time frames.

Muovo is a boutique recruitment firm. Our approach is about personalising the job search and adding the intelligent human sourcing aspect to recruitment. We do not deluge our clients with applications, but make sure that we create the relevant human connections. We do this by immediately developing a deep understanding of the cultural issues at stake within the company. We also use technology and lever on our in-house expertise in the strategic use of social media tools to continue to enjoy an active database of valid candidates.

We understand the challenges that our clients face because we’ve got first-hand experience operating in the same sectors.  We engage people who are curious and want to grow with us, and our candidates trust us because we give them value to their job search, enabling the fruitful meeting of professionals and helping them get from where they are to where they want to be.